About Company

“AGRORESURS – 2006” was established in 2006 to provide its activity in the field of agriculture and livestock raising. The company had invested in an agricultural fertile land with an area of ​​5000 hectares in Chernigov countryside (Mena) in the north of Ukraine, which is about 240 kilometers from the capital Kiev. To achieve its goal administrative buildings, sheds, animal sheds, storages, warehouses, machinery repairing workshops, etc. where built using the latest technologies and modern farming methods. For agriculture the company purchased a lot of necessary machinery such as: harvesters, tractors, combines, sorters, plows, screeners, dryers, etc.

Since the foundation, the company has focused on the cultivation of wheat, corn, sunflower, potatoes, legumes and other crops. In addition, the company owed (550 cows and pigs with more than 2700).

The number of employees of the company in summer reached about 400 people, and in winter about 200 people. The company provided appropriate comfortable accommodation for all its employees.

“AGRORESURS – 2006” is located at:

15640, Ukraine, Chernihiv region, Mensky district, village Kiselyvka, 43 Osipenko.

As of March 2013, the ownership of company was transferred to Shareholding company “CREATIVE”.


Since March 2013, the company “Agroresurs – 2006” has passed from Mr. Mahfoud Saada into the ownership of the private joint-stock company Creative.

Address “AGRORESURS-2006”

15640, Ukraine, Chernihiv region, Minsk region, Kiselivka village, Osipenka St., 43